Swan lake - Nuutajäarvi Lux 2021 Concept Henri Carrara
Tear drop - Nuutajäarvi Lux 2021 Concept and construction Henri Carrara, teardrops were done my beginner students 
Swinging from the Chandelier : Nuutajarvi Lux 2022
Glow worm - Valomato : Nuutajäarvi Lux 2022
Glow worm - Valomato : Nuutajäarvi Lux 2022

The Glow Worm reminds us of the cycle of life. In our ecosystem, the role of worms is to loosen the soil and create a growth medium for new life. The energy and luminescence produced by some organisms bring light and hope to the darkness.The piece features reused second-grade lampshades, that will in the spring be remelted and made into new forms. The lighting of the work is implemented with energy-efficient LED lighting technology. Working group: Henri Carrara, Klaus Martin, Nikke Relasi Vocational school Tavastia, glass industry training, Nuutajärvi, 2022. Lampshade design: Lisa Johansson-Pape, Belle (1961) Thanks: Innolux/Innojok Oy

📷: Klaus Martin 

tear drop chandelier - new student work highlighted at Finnish Museum of Glass, Riihimäki 2021 for the exhibition entitled DEGREES - Learning with Glass

as beginner students from Tavastia Ammatiopisto we learnt to make teardrops that were hung for this istallation