all classes will include a set of reference notes, a box of materials required, and use of the facilities of the studio. classes will be for a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 3 persons to ensure individual attention.  you will learn to produce your own unique glass art for you to keep at a cost of 100€/hour for tuition and use of facilities, and each lesson requires a different box of individually costed materials.  TEACHING SUSPENDED DUE TO COVID-19 RISKS and while i complete my studies. classes will resume mid to late 2023…

1 intro to glass

introduction to glass.  brief history of glass.  what is glass?  basic terminology.  different techniques. temperatures.  safety in the hotshop.

3 hr

no materials required

2 fusing

introduction to glass fusing.  learn to make a small flat panel using float (window glass). practice cutting glass and working with some texture.

3 hr 

materials box: 30€ float glass

3 slumping

introduction to slumping.  learn to make a small bowl using float glass.  add some colour using stains.  this session is split into two, first we make a flat coloured fused piece of glass, then we slump this into a mould to form a bowl. 

3hr + 2 hr

materials box: 30€ float glass

4 open casting

introduction to open casting of glass into a plaster mould to make a small bowl or sculpture. make a polystyrene master.  embed this into plaster and silica mix to make the mould.  burn out the mould.  fill the mould with glass and melt the glass into the mould. 

3 hr + 3 hr

materials box: 30€ polystyrene, 30€ 2kg mould material, 100€ casting glass 1kg

5 lost wax casting

introduction to kiln casting a more complex geometric abstract sculptural totem pole. make a master in clay or wax.  make a plaster mould. drip cast and anneal the sculpture.

3 hr + 3 hr + 3hr

materials box: 30€ clay and wax, 100€ casting glass 1kg

6 intro to hot glass

introduction to hot glass.  

6.1  make a paper weight with bubbles

6.2  make a bird

6.3  make a bud vase

6.4  sand-cast a small house 

3 hrs each

materials box: 50€ hot glass approximately 500g for each.


you are welcome to come experience the quiet of the Finnish countryside, the glass village at Nuutajäarvi and experience the excitement of learning to blow glass or otherwise make art with me, while staying in my spacious art gallery home. we can arrange cultural trips to Turku, Helsinki, Iittala and Tampere under my guidance, experience african and scandinavian food and wine at home.. i will soon add my airbnb link here